The Medicine

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Johnny and Savannah discover an unknown psychedelic shamanic drug (Ayahuasca), also known as the medicine, which takes them to a deep psychological and spiritual journey, leading them to unfold memories from their past and find their own meaning. However, the medicine can bring severe consequences if it isn't used properly, Johnny now needs to decide whether to continue his journey by transcending into a higher dimension or to return to his body and stay with the person he loves, Savannah.



My role

Director of Photography
Set Designer


William Owen Casey
Ryan O'Connell
Elizabeth Yako

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This project came from a personal challenge I set to myself: to take a step further with my visual expression skills in order to properly showcase such complex and abstract subject.

What’s challenging about this project is not only to visually represent the ayahuasca journey, but to portray what it feels like and what it teaches you. To make an audience that has no experience with psychedelic travel to also understand the story and to connect with the characters. The challenge was to represent, in just a couple of minutes, the message and sensations that this shamanic stimulant leaves to its users.


Strategy & Approach


Taking inspiration from various anecdotes, I concluded that beyond the dialogue, the best way to immerse the viewer into this subjective experience would be to focus on the locations, the set design and lighting, making them key elements in the narrative; engaging the audience within the hallucinations and certainties that the protagonist goes through as part of his journey.


Final Experience


The Medicine is a project in which was possible to introduce the audience to concepts such as reconnection with the inner child and the healing of memories, to use them as tools to increase inner peace. Generating a surprising emotional reaction from the viewers due self identification and internal reflection.

Design Direction

Visual Style & Design
Standards ---

Taking inspiration from the ethereal personal journey of the ayahuasca drinking, we created a dreamy and multidimensional experience for the spectators, emphasizing the intrigue and discovery in each level, inviting the audience to fully immerse themselves into Johnny’s world.

Product of the introspective and silent protagonist, very early in the writing I concluded that the locations had to speak for themselves, both in space and content, color, props, and everything else. Creating immersive environments that guide Johnny though his own internal world.

By being a short film about psychedelic experiences, dependent on the subjective perception of the characters, it is natural that the scenarios become protagonists in the narrative of this film.


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