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People might see coffee as a useful source of energy. However, some others see it as the one and only source of life and creativity.



My role

Director of Photography
Set Designer


Leenie O'Connor.

Are you ready? Grab the popcorn!



One day, while brainstorming, I looked at my cup of coffee and thought to myself: “Why not?”. It was a challenge to visually represent my love (addiction) to coffee. It got very personal. But also, it was a great excuse to drink more than six cups a day while shooting it.


Strategy & Approach

By taking coffee as inspiration, I focused on issues such as order and chaos, temporal happiness, addiction, and all the crisis that comes with it. My goal was to visually represent addiction, either to coffee or another substances.


Final Experience

From a composition based on the background song, an atmosphere easy to interpret for the viewer was developed, transmitting sensations of satisfaction and playfulness, typical of the caffeine.

Design Direction

Visual Style & Design
Standards ---

To convey the feeling of fun and chaos that invades the protagonist, product of her love and addiction for coffee, I focused on the peculiarities of the character, appearing normal in the outside but suppressing a deep crisis inside. Enhancing details such as her total lack of smile or her lost gaze.

To make evident the nature of the protagonist's emotional crisis, I designed sets that communicate happiness and normality; generating an incisive contrast between these and the energy and style of the film, causing her to be perceived as an entity alienated from the environment.


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